Tracking your inventory in Zettle can help you make better business decisions and be confident that you always have enough stock at hand. Notifications will let you know when items are running low, so you can restock in time. You can manage inventory both in the app and on

Adding inventory

In the Zettle Go app
Edit a product by tapping “Edit” (iOS) or the pen icon (Android). Swipe right on the button next to “Inventory tracking”. Add the correct number of inventory (for each variant) and tap “Save”.

Visit and go to ‘Product library’. Click into the product and check the box next to ‘Inventory tracking’. Add the correct number of inventory (for each variant) and click “Save”.

Inventory overview

In the Zettle Go app for iOS
In the Zettle Go app, tap the navigation icon in the top left corner then tap “Inventory”. From here you can quickly find products through search, sorting or filtering. To update stock quantities simply tap the products or variants you want to update, enter the new quantity then tap “Save”.

Note that you need to activate Inventory tracking on your products in order for them to show up in the Inventory overview. You do this by editing or adding a new product from the product library on the web or in the app. 

Visit and go to ‘Inventory’ which is located under ‘Products’. From here you can see all your inventory, update stock, enable or disable tracking, export inventory spreadsheets and filter to see what items are low in stock. 

Get notifications when running low

In the Zettle Go app
Notifications will appear in the shopping cart if you sell an item that has only 3 left or fewer. These appear as red text notifications under the relevant item placed in the shopping cart.

Good to know

Inventory will never prevent you from selling. If you have a product on your shelf, you can sell it using Zettle, even if you are “out of stock” in the Zettle Go app. At this point, the inventory count will show as negative (-1).

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