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Why can’t I find my old Sales Report page on my.zettle.com?
On April 15th 2021, we retired our old Sales Reports page. Now you’ll be able to find a snapshot of your reports and sales data on our brand-new Overview page, and more in-depth info on your Sales Details page, Sales by product page and Sales by category page. We haven’t removed any of your favourite features, we’ve just made them all easier to navigate. Take a look around and see what you think! 

Understanding reports

Get a better understanding of your business and export data needed for your bookkeeping with our reports, designed to make things simple.

Our reports hub helps you with everything from understanding your business needs on a day-to-day basis to monthly insights on how your business is growing so that you can optimise your business decisions.

In this article, you’ll find information about the different types of reports that we have, understand how you can use them and what the numbers mean.

  • Reports in the apps
    Get a quick understanding of your business in the app.
  • Reports on my.zettle.com
    Get detailed reports of your business so you can optimise for the future.
  • Reports overview on my.zettle.com
    Get a quick glance into your daily, weekly and monthly sales
  • Sales details on my.zettle.com
    See all your data in one place to understand your business better.
  • Sales by product
    Get an overview of how your products are performing.
  • Sales by category
    Track the performance for the categories you have set up.

Reports in the apps

The reports section in the app is designed to give you a quick overview of your business.
When you first enter the reports section, you can see a list of your last day’s sales amount, number of sales and returns. If you want to get an overview of your monthly business you can click on the Month tab to get a list of the recent months’ sales.

When you click on a specific day or month, you will get  a better understanding of your business performance for that date range.

Sales data

See your business’ main KPIs (sales amount, sales, returns, fees, average sale, cash, redeemed gift cards) and click on the View reports link to see the full detailed report on my.zettle.com.

Top selling products.

See what products have sold the most during a specific date range and the sales amount per product.
Click on the View reports link to see the full report of your products on my.zettle.com

Exporting data

  • Print the overview of your sales report on your receipt printer or a standard printer by enabling report printing in the printer settings.
  • Get a PDF report with the full details that you can send to your accountant.

Keep in mind: There is no support for Excel exports in the Go app. If you want to export from your phone, you have to visit my.zettle.com.

Reports in my.zettle.com

Reports overview

Get a quick overview into your sales
The Reports overview page shows the summary of your daily, weekly and monthly sales.
Here you can get a glimpse into your most frequently used sales channel; most accepted payment types and best selling products. If something needs further investigation, just click on the relevant View report link and you will be linked to the related section in the sales or product reports. 

Big numbers 

The big number section on the Reports overview page gives you a quick recap of important business KPIs, such as total sales, number of sales and average sales amount for the selcted day, week or month.

Past days/weeks/month sales summary 

This is a summary of your total sales for past twenty days, weeks or months. This helps you determine if your business is running as expected. Alternatively, it makes it easy to spot any changes in your sales.

Sales and payments overview 

The Sales overview module provides a quick summary of your sales and refunds for the selected time period, broken down by the different sales channels you use when you sell with Zettle. 

In the Payments overview module, you can see a breakdown of the different payment methods that you have accepted when you sell with Zettle. You also see your total fees.
If you wish to explore your sales and payments further, click on the View report link and you will be directed to the relevant section on the Sale details page.

Sales by hour 

The Day view of the Reports overview page is where you can see a Sales by hour graph, which shows you the sales details for the selected day. 
The graph shows you which hours were the best for sales so that you can take appropriate business decisions, such as increasing your staff for example.

Top selling products 

The Top selling products table shows your ten best-selling products for the selected day, week or month. It shows details such as name, variant, sold quantity, returns, and total. Click on the View report link for a more detailed picture of how your products are performing.  


You can export detailed sales and product reports from the Reports overview page, simply click on the Export button at the top and select your preferred option. These are the same reports that are also accessible from the Sales details and Sales by product page.  

Sales details

Your sales details give you a clearer insight into how business is doing and allow you to dig deeper into your sales, payments and staff performance. With our easy-to-use date picker, you can also get sales data for a specific date range and compare them to last year's sales.

Big numbers

The big number section gives you a quick overview of important business KPIs, as well as comparing it to last year's numbers.

  • Total sales shows your sales including tax 
  • Number of sales shows how many sales you have made 
  • Number of returns shows how many returns you have made 
  • Average sale amount shows the average sale amount per checkout  

Sales by month

This graph is displayed when you pick a date range that is longer than a month. 
It presents your sales on a month-to-month basis. 

Sales by day

This graph shows you custom date ranges from 1 to 30 days. 
It gives you insights into which days you sell best and how they compare to your progress last year. 

Sales by hour

This graph shows you the sales details from a specific day. It shows you which hours were the best for sales and help you make informed decisions. 

Payments and fees

Here’s an overview of the payments you’ve taken, refunds (if you’ve made any) and the fees connected to your payments. 

The first table gives you an overview of the payments you’ve taken via Zettle and totals your collected payments excluding fees and refunds. The second table shows you cash payments and refunds.

Note: "Zettle collected payments" consist of card transactions made via card reader, payment links, invoices or from a Klarna payment in your Selz integration shop.

Gift cards

Get an overview of how many gift cards have been sold, returned and redeemed, and their amounts.

Note: When a gift card is sold, it’s not counted as a sale. That means it won’t show up in the total sales and sales channels section until it has been redeemed.

Sales by sales channels 

The sales –by –sales channels table gives you an overview of how much money you make and how much you refund. This table breaks down all the different channels you use when you sell with Zettle.

Sales channels

  • Point of sale – the sales from the card reader connected to your Zettle Go app 
  • Payment Links – sales you’ve made via payment links
  • Sent invoices – the sales you’ve initiated an invoice for 
  • E-commerce – sales made with an e-commerce integration
  • SDK – sales made using our card reader through a partner


This section gives you an easy overview of your collected VAT per VAT rate and what your sales are excluding and including VAT.


Get an overview of how your staff members are performing by looking at how much they sell for and their number of sales.

Sales by product

See which products perform best and which ones need help 

The Sales by product table shows you product details such as name, variant, category, sold quantity, returns, discounts and total.

To get a better view of the products, either sort the columns in the table or filter by staff and categories. You can also either print out a report or export the data to Excel.

Learn more about products and how to create one here.

Sales by category

See which categories perform the best and which ones need help

The Sales by category table shows the performance of the categories that you’ve set up for your products.

To get a better view of the categories, either sort the columns in the table or filter by staff. You can also print out a report.

Click here to read more about setting up categories.

General functionality in my.zettle.com

Date picker

The date picker exists on all reports in my.zettle.com. Either open up the full date picker or click on the arrows next to the date to quickly jump between dates.

Open up the date picker and select a shortcut from today to last year, or select your own custom dates. As soon as you select a date, the view will reload with that date range date. 

On the Reports overview page, you’ll find a simplified date picker. Use the buttons to the left to switch between a Day, Week or Month view. The date picker on the right displays the date(s) for the selected day, week or month; click on the arrows next to the date to quickly jump between dates.


Filter your data by staff and category in our reports on my.zettle.com. To use the filter, simply click on the dropdown menu and select the staff or category you want to filter by. 

Export data from my.zettle.com

In the different reports on my.zettle.com, you can export your data in different formats or create a print-friendly view.

To create an export, simply click on the Export button and choose between PDF or Excel report. If you want to export all the data, choose Raw data Excel.

As soon as you click on either option we start generating the report for you. When it's done, you will see this confirmation message at the bottom telling you that the export has been successfully downloaded on your device. If it doesn’t work, click on the Click here button to restart the download.

Note: The data that gets exported is defined by the date range and filters you have applied on the page.


Why can’t I see VAT on my payments?

Payments are not taxable, therefore our reports do not show VAT on a payment level. Instead, when you make a sale, you can see how much of that sale is VAT in the ‘Sales channels’ section.

Why are products with the same name duplicated in the Sales by product report?

This is because product sales are aggregated in reports by several attributes: product ID, product name, product variant name, product category name, VAT %. If you have changed any of those attributes for a product, it will be reported as a new product in your report. 

Why aren't some product attributes visible in the product report?

  • It may be because we’ve only recently started using that attribute in our reports, and therefore we don’t have any historical data.
  • It could be because your product library is not synced on your device. If the attribute was added on my.zettle.com, make sure your product library is synced on the Zettle Go app too.

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