Taking cash payments

Besides card payments, you can also accept cash payments with Zettle POS app. This makes it easy for you to keep track of all the payments you accept, whether they're made by cash, card or other payment methods.

This is how you accept a cash payment

 1. Add a product

  • In the Zettle Go app, add a product to your shopping cart or enter an amount.

2. Tap "Charge"

  • Tap Charge.
  • Select Cash as your payment method.

3. Receive cash

  • Receive cash from the customer.

4. Receipt

  • The customer can enter their email address and/or mobile number in the Zettle Go app to receive a receipt. You can also print the receipt if you are connected to a supported printer or if your Zettle Terminal is attached to the Terminal Printer & Dock.

Read more on how to connect cash drawers here.

More information:
When receiving a cash payment with Zettle, you get cash from the customer and choose the option “cash payment” when you make the transaction. 

When you accept a cash payment and process it via Zettle you don't pay any fees, but remember that no money will be deposited to your bank account as no money is transferred between accounts in our system.

To record your sales paid in cash, the cash payments option must be enabled in the Payment Settings menu of the Zettle Go app. To enable cash payments, open the Zettle Go app menu > go to Payment Settings > and switch on cash payments. You will then have the option to select cash as a payment method when making a sale (as show in Step 2 above).

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