Transaction Protection

Our transaction protection program will cover up to £250 of your chargebacks each month, provided you’ve followed our best practices for accepting card payments.

A chargeback arises when a card holder contacts his/her issuing bank disputing a card payment. The reason behind this could be one of many, such as the card holder not being satisfied with the product/service purchased or not remembering making the purchase at all.

You’ll be notified by us via email as soon as we’re informed of a chargeback, and you'll then have 10 days to get back to us with the information requested in the email.

Our transaction protection programme will cover any chargeback no matter the outcome as long as (1) we determine that the disputed card payment was carried out in accordance with our terms and conditions, (2) all requested information has been provided to us within the stated time parameters and (3) the chargeback is within the £250 monthly coverage.

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