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Using Zettle with your PayPal Business account?
If you're using Zettle with your PayPal Business account, your staff accounts feature differs slightly from what is described in this article. You can read more about accessing your Backoffice on



Zettle account owners can invite employees to their account by creating staff accounts for them. Staff will have access to the Zettle app but not

Getting started

Staff can’t:

  • View the Get Started guide
  • Complete steps in the Get Started guide, including ordering hardware

Taking payments

Staff can:

  • Check out by selecting a product or typing in a custom amount
  • Use all payment methods activated in the app

Adding and tracking products

Staff can:

  • View all products and stock quantity in the Inventory
  • View all products and discounts under Products

Staff can’t:

  • Add new products
  • Edit product details
  • Remove products
  • Edit stock quantity

Issuing receipts and refunds

Staff can:

  • View and search all receipts
  • See their first and last name on the receipts of the sales they made only
  • Issue a refund of a sale they made

Staff can’t:

  • Issue a refund of a sale made by someone else, such as the Zettle account owner or other staff

Viewing reports

Staff can:

  • Get an overview of their own sales only

Staff can’t:

  • Access Sales reports
  • Access Product reports
  • Get an overview of other staff member's sales

Inviting staff

Staff can’t:

  • Invite other staff members

For Zettle account owners

Inviting staff

Sign in to your account on and click on > Account & settings > Staff account settings.

Enter your staff member’s name and email address, then click Send invite. Make sure that the email address isn’t already registered with Zettle. 

Good to know:

The staff member’s first and last name are displayed on the receipt.

Editing and inactivating staff accounts

Sign in to your account on, go to > Account & settings > Staff account settings and then click on Edit next to the staff account you want to edit.  
To change: Enter a new name for the staff account and click on Save
To inactivate: Click on Inactivate to inactivate the staff account.

Overview of all transactions

You can download a detailed overview of your transactions when you sign in to your account on From there, you can see which of your staff members made a specific transaction.

For staff members

Before you get a staff account, the account owner needs to invite you. Make sure that the email address isn’t already registered with Zettle. 

Creating a staff account

  1. Open the email you received from the account owner.
  2. Click on the invite link in the email.
  3. Choose a password for your staff account. 
  4. Sign in to the Zettle app with your login details. 
  5. Start taking payments on behalf of the organisation.

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