Connect Zettle by PayPal with your ANNA Money account

ANNA is the business account and app that helps keep your VAT records in one place. For more information, visit ANNA Money.

How does ANNA work with Zettle by PayPal?

You can record your expenses in ANNA to keep what you need for your VAT Return stored together. And when you connect your Zettle account, all your individual sales, fees and balances are imported straight into the ANNA app.

This means that if you’re using Zettle by PayPal, you can skip fiddling around with spreadsheets to reconcile balances, fees and payouts. Now you can calculate and prep your VAT return to HMRC with just a few taps in the ANNA app!

Get started with ANNA

  1. In the ANNA app, tap the briefcase icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. In the "Your accounts" card, tap "Connect an account".
  3. Go to the E-Commerce tab and tap "Connect a store".
  4. Log in with your admin account name and password for the Zettle account you want to connect.
  5. Tap “Approve”.
  6. You’re good to go!

Or just tap the “Connect to Zettle by PayPal” option in the ANNA app’s chat.

Check your VAT

Once your transaction information has been imported from your Zettle account, check the "VAT" card in the briefcase area of the ANNA app. From there you can review and make sure you’re happy with how your VAT has been calculated.

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