How to buy and return Zettle hardware

Reader and hardware returns

You can return any hardware you purchase from the Zettle shop, excluding Apple products. From your card reader to printers and iPad stands, there are a few ways you can make your return.

Your right to cancel your hardware purchase
You have the right to cancel your hardware purchase, without providing any reason, within thirty (30) days from the day the card reader was delivered to you. 

Cancellation form

The easiest way to cancel your hardware purchase is to use the following cancellation form. Don’t forget to include the completed form in the package when you send back your hardware!

Please note:

  • It is up to you to pay any cost of the return shipping.
  • You are responsible for the product(s) until Zettle receives it. We recommend shipping options which include tracking
  • The hardware should be returned in its original package together with any accessories. Bear in mind that returned products have to be unused and that all packaging must be original and undamaged


Apple products
Please note that you do not have the right to return and receive a refund for any Apple product purchased from us.

Please note:
If you’ve purchased a product from anyone other than us, the return policy of that authorised retailer will apply and you should return it to them.



If you choose to cancel your hardware purchase we will refund what you have paid for the products. The refund will be made once we have received your returned items and the refunded money will be sent to the bank account connected to your Zettle account within thirty (30) days. Please note that we will not reimburse you for the return shipping.

Do your questions concern card reader troubleshooting?
Please read more here.

Zettle Shop

You can buy a range of accessories that work perfectly with the Zettle Go app directly from us.
We offer printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, card reader stands, iPad stands and more.

Get hardware for your business

Can I return an item?
Yes, you can return an item within 30 days of receiving it. Read more above.

What if my products are broken, do not work or if I have received the wrong products?
Please contact us here and we will help you as quickly as possible. 

More information about warranty can be found here.

Who can I ask if I have a question about my item?
We can help you with any questions you have about any of the items in the store. Contact us here.

Epson printers come with a four-year warranty. Get support here. 

Star Micronics
Star Micronics printers come with a four-year warranty and with a one-year warranty on all other products such as their cash drawer. Get support here.

Socket Mobile
Socket Mobile provides us with a small and easy-to-use Bluetooth barcode scanner. It comes with a one-year warranty. Get support here.

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