Payment Links

What is a payment link and when can I use it?

Payment links allow you to accept payments from customers who are not physically present.

You simply share a link with them via SMS or using any social platform that you have installed on your device. This option is perfect when you want to secure a booking or charge for remote orders over the phone or online.

Good to know: Support for social media platforms is not available on the Zettle Terminal

It’s also more secure for everyone involved – your customer simply clicks on a unique, one-time payment link, and enters their card details independently on their phone or laptop.

Download a step-by-step guide

How much is it?

The only cost is the transaction fee for every paid link 2,50%.

How do I activate payment links?

You can activate the feature by accessing the menu in the app, then tapping on Payment links and the pressing the activate button.

By doing so, the “send link” option will be added as a checkout method.

Note that if your business sells any of the products listed here, under the section “Additional prohibitions for card not present transactions” you’ll not be allowed to use this feature.

How do I send a payment link?

Payment links are sent using the Zettle Go app: 

  1. Add products to the cart and press “Send link” in checkout
  2. Fill in the name of the customer (this is for you to keep track of your links)
  3. Choose how to distribute the link: SMS or any app installed on your device (for example email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and similar*)
  4. Send link using the distribution method chosen
  5. Done

*Good to know: Support for social media platforms is not available on the Zettle Terminal

How does my customer pay using the link?

Once your customer clicks on the link you shared with them, a payment form will be opened in their browser.
In the form, your customer will be able to enter their card details and find an overview of the payment.
This includes information such as your company details, products sold, their price and total sum.

How do I know if a payment link has been paid?

We will send you an email as soon as the link has been paid. You can also check the status of all sent payment links under the menu option Payment links in your Zettle Go app.

Are payment links available for Zettle Pro for hospitality?

No, payment links are currently only available in the Zettle Go app.

Do you send out reminders?

No, we don’t send out reminders for payment links.

What is the difference between a payment link and an invoice?

Invoicing and payment links are both good ways to charge for a sale when your customer is not present. While the two payment options share similarities, they have important differences:

Payment links

  • A request for payment that the customer is not obliged to pay
  • Counts as a sale only once it’s been paid
  • Receipt has no information about the customer
  • No due date and thus no reminders sent 


  • A request for payment that the customer is obliged to pay
  • Counts as a sale as soon as it is issued
  • The invoice, which in this case is also the receipt, has information about the customer and that makes the receipt more suitable for bookkeeping. Often mandatory for B2B sales
  • Reminder sent automatically after the due date has passed

What is the transaction limit per payment link?

When accepting payments with Zettle, transaction limits differ depending on how the payment is taken. When you accept payment by payment link, the transaction limit is £5000.

To find out more about transaction limits that apply for payment links, read more here.

How do I cancel a previously sent payment link?

If a link is still unpaid and you want to remove it you can do so by going into the link’s details and pressing the delete button on iOS or the rubbish bin icon on Android.
If a customer later visits a cancelled link, they will be informed that the payment link is no longer valid.

How do I refund a payment?

A paid payment link can be refunded by going into the payment link details of a link and pressing the Refund button.

Please note: For now, partial refunds are not supported.

How do I resend a payment link?

You can resend a payment link by accessing the list of unpaid payment links, under the Payment links menu in the app, then tapping on the link you want to resend.

From there you’ll be able to share it by tapping on the share icon. Note that if you shared the link via SMS you’ll need to re enter the phone number of your customer.

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