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About save cart 

The save cart feature allows you to put together a customer’s order in the cart and hold it until they’re ready to pay. Once saved, the shopping cart is freed up for another sale.  

Saved carts can be opened from any logged in device, so staff members can work on the carts from different devices. 

Saving a cart

When you have items in the shopping cart, you’ll see a ‘Save’ button. Tap it when you’re ready to save.

You can add a description to a saved cart so it’s easier for you to find it later. Alternatively, select ‘Table’ to add a table number.

You can only get to your saved carts when the shopping cart is empty. Tap 'View saved carts' and select a cart to open it.

You can open, make changes, and close a saved cart as many times as you like. When your customer is ready to pay, simply open a saved cart and go on to payment as usual.

Printing a bill from a Saved cart

When your customer is ready to pay, you can present them with a printed bill. Unlike a receipt, which is a customer’s proof of purchase, a bill is an unpaid list of items.

To print the bill, first make sure your printer is setup for Unpaid bills in your Accessories settings.

Unpaid bills setting for a printer.

To print the bill:

  1. Go to the relevant Saved cart in the Zettle app
  2. Choose More
  3. Choose Print bill 

This will print from all printers you have set up for Unpaid bills.


Location of the <strong>Print bill</strong> feature in a Saved cart. Location of the <strong>Print bill</strong> feature in a Saved cart.

Frequently asked questions 

Managing saved carts 

Can I add or remove items from a saved cart? 
After opening a saved cart, you can add more items or remove them from the cart. 

Can I combine two saved carts? 
Afraid not. You need to open a saved cart and make changes to it. 

Can my staff access each other’s saved carts? 
Yes. All staff members can work on a saved cart from any device that’s logged into the company’s account. However, you can only open a saved cart on one device at a time. 

How do I delete a saved cart? 
There are two ways to delete a saved cart. You can either open a saved cart and tap the bin icon at the top right corner of the shopping cart, or empty the cart and tap ‘Delete saved cart’. 

Why did I get a low stock alert when adding items to the cart? 
When an item is running low on stock (currently defaults to 2, but you can set this to the quantity most useful to you), you’ll be notified when you add it to the cart. The stock quantity won’t be affected until the sale is complete. 

Can I add gift cards to a saved cart? 
Currently, gift cards can't be included in a saved cart. You can, however, use gift cards as a payment method. 

Taking payments for saved carts 

What payment methods can I use for a saved cart? 
After opening a saved cart, you can use any payment method you have available. 

Can I use discounts with a saved cart? 
Yes. If you already created discounts in your product library, just add them to the cart.  

You can also add customised discounts to a saved cart. Open the cart and tap ‘Discount’ to specify the amount or percentage. 

Saved carts in reports 

Are saved carts included in reports? 
Potential sales from saved carts don’t appear in reports. Once the cart has been fully checked out and paid, the sale will be included in the relevant reports.


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