Terminal Wifi & Network Settings

How do I connect my Terminal to a network?

You can connect your Terminal to a wifi network or use the SIM card provided.

The first time you turn on your Terminal, you’ll be asked to connect to your wifi network during the initial setup. 

If you go out of range of your wifi network, the mobile network will take over seamlessly so you can keep doing business. 

Note: Zettle pays the cost of accessing the mobile network so you will not be charged for using it.

How do I connect to/change my wifi?

  • To connect or change the wifi on your Terminal, go to Settings and tap on Network
  • Select your wifi, enter the password if necessary, and tap OK. 
  • To disable the wifi, toggle the switch to Off
  • You can also enable/disable your wifi settings by pulling down from the top of the screen to access your system panel.

You can always change your wifi network later in Settings.

How do I connect to a mobile network?

Your device comes with the SIM card pre-installed. 

To enable/disable your mobile network go to Settings -> Network -> Mobile network. You can also enable/disable network settings from the panel by pulling down from the top of the screen. 

Note: the SIM card will only function together with the Zettle Terminal and cannot be used in any other device. 

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