Warranty is provided by iZettle Merchant Services AB. Any reference to "we" or "PayPal" throughout this document refers to such PayPal entity.  

The warranty applies to the items which are included in the box delivered by PayPal (excluding USB cables). In the case of the Zettle Terminal, this also includes the wall plug.

PayPal provides the device with a 12-month warranty commencing on the delivery or collection date. During this 12-month period, PayPal warrants that the device will be free of material defects that prevent its normal operation. PayPal will not be liable for any damages or defects to the device caused by normal wear and tear, improper use or by accident, malicious damage, hazard, excess humidity, liquid ingress, electrical stress, or other environmental conditions not commonly found in a normal safe working environment. PayPal will not be liable if the defect arises because you have failed to follow PayPal’s written instructions as to storage, installation, use or maintenance of the device or if you alter or attempt to repair the relevant device without the written consent of PayPal.

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