Taking card & contactless payments

Taking card payments with Zettle card readers and the Zettle Terminal

Increased contactless limits
Major card networks have raised the contactless card limit to £100 (from £30-£45). This means your customers can simply tap their card or device when they want to pay for any amount up to £100.

1. Add a product

  • In the Zettle Go app, add a product to your shopping cart or enter an amount.

2. Tap “Charge”

  • Tap Charge
  • Select Card as Payment Method.
  • Hand over the card reader or Terminal to the customer.
  • For contactless cards: Tap the card on the screen.
  • For chip card payments: Insert the card in the card slot.

3. Confirm transaction

  • (If applicable) Enter PIN or sign.
  • Make sure to check the screen on the Reader/Terminal and your app to confirm that the payment has been approved.

4. Receipt

  • Enter the customer’s email address and/or mobile number to send a digital receipt. You can also print the receipt if you’re connected to a supported printer or if your Zettle Terminal is attached to the Zettle Printer & Dock. 

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Good to know

Should you be interested in accepting remote payments, for example when your customer is not present, you can read more about our Payment Links feature here.

If you only take card payments with Zettle, you can disable the cash payment option under the Payment Settings menu in the Zettle Go app:

  • Tap on Settings
  • Go to Payment Settings
  • Disable cash payments

Customer’s bank statement

On your customer's statement, the transaction will be shown as “Zettle *[your company name]”.

Card declined

What to do if a card is declined:
If the payment is declined, the sale cannot be completed. We recommend you let the buyer use another means of payment and then ask them to contact their bank for more information.

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