What is Zettle?

Zettle builds game-changing commerce tools, such as mobile card readers and point-of-sale apps that empower small businesses to compete with the big players. Zettle is part of the PayPal family.

The Zettle card readers make it possible for anyone to accept card payments – any time, anywhere, while our intuitive free point-of-sale app, Zettle Go, helps you get paid, tracks your sales and lets you keep an eye on stock levels.

Our latest addition, the Zettle Terminal, is an all-in-one card reader and point-of-sale app. With the Terminal, you can take payments and manage your POS from the same device.  

We have a range of integration partners that allow you to build your own webshop, take care of taxes and get you selling on social media. You can also use Zettle Invoice for businesses that sell remotely. Read the full list of integration partners here.  

With Zettle, there are no startup costs, no lock-in contracts and no hidden fees to worry about. Instead, we offer a powerful set of tools that help you start, run and grow your business.

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Other tools and services we offer

Not every business makes its sales face-to-face. If you want to sell remotely, we have a range of tools to do so safely. 

Zettle Invoice allows businesses to create professional invoices, track payments and send reminders. 

Payment Links are an easy way to get paid via text, email or social media. Simply generate a one-time link and send it via whichever messaging system you like. Your customer can pay via card or online bank and settle your sale in the blink of an eye.


The free Zettle Go app works on your iOS or Android device.

The Zettle Reader works with Bluetooth-enabled devices that run iOS or Android. Check out our compatibility guide for more information.

For our standalone Zettle Terminal, Bluetooth is not available. Please read more about compatible accessories for the Zettle Terminal

Internet connection and data usage

For Zettle to work, you need to be connected to a 3G, 4G or wifi network. These connections are much faster than the 2G technology relied on by traditional card terminals. Accepting payments with the Zettle Go app only takes a few kilobytes of data. However, we recommend all Zettle users connect to a stable network with a reliable connection.


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