How to integrate with Selz

Selz is an e-commerce platform. Read more about it on

By integrating with Selz you can:

  • Sync products from Zettle to Selz and keep them up to date
  • Sync inventory automatically when making a sale in either platform
  • Use Zettle to process online card payments in your webshop 
  • See data about your online sales, paid with Zettle or PayPal, in your Zettle sales reports

Before you begin

  • To gain the most benefit from this integration, we recommend that you make sure your Zettle stock quantities are up to date
  • You’ll need a Selz account to begin this integration. You can use an existing Selz account or create a new account on 

How to set up the Selz integration

Connect accounts

  1. Sign in to your Zettle account at
  2. Go to your Applications page
  3. Click on the Selz button, then click "Go to partner”. 
    Note:  Currently, we are only able to connect one Selz store to one Zettle account. 
  4. You will be redirected to Selz where you can choose to create a new Selz account or login to an existing Selz account. 
  5. Once you’ve logged into Selz, go to Point of Sale and you’ll see Zettle. Click “Connect” and follow the setup flow. You can read more about connecting Zettle and Selz in this article on Selz help centre.
  6. Once you’ve connected, you’ll see this screen on Selz:

    And you’ll see this screen on Zettle:


Zettle prices always include tax. On Selz, however, you can choose whether to include tax in your prices or not. Tax settings are not exported from Zettle, so your products will follow Selz tax rules.

Important: If you choose to exclude taxes in the price of your Selz products, but still have taxes included in your Zettle prices, your margins will be affected. 

Updating your products

When Zettle and Selz are connected, the Zettle product library will become your main product library. Make sure you always update your products and inventory in Zettle as any updates you make in Selz will be overwritten.

Sync sales data from Selz to Zettle

To make sure that online sales data are included in the Zettle sales reports, the orders need to be paid either with Zettle or PayPal. Online sales paid with any other payment provider will not show in the Zettle sales reports otherwise.

How to disconnect the integration

  1. Sign in to your Zettle account at
  2. Go to your Applications page and click the Selz integration
  3. Click the disconnect button
  4. Your Selz account will be disconnected from Zettle. The products on Selz previously synced from Zettle will not be deleted but will no longer be in sync with Zettle.

You can also disconnect the integration from the Selz side. Log in to your Selz account, go to Point of Sale> Zettle and click Disconnect.


Import and sync

Can I export my products from Selz to Zettle? 
No, we don’t support this at the moment.

Can I connect multiple Selz stores to my Zettle account? 
You can only connect one Zettle account to one Selz store.

Which products will be synced? 
All your products in Zettle will be synced and added to Selz.

What product information will and will not be imported and synced?


Product name

Zettle Category




Variant options

Product images

Inventory level*


Bar code



Zettle Folder


*Your inventory will only be synced if you track it in Zettle

Managing product data

How is my VAT/tax handled? 
Tax settings are not exported from Zettle, so your products will follow Selz tax rules. Read more about Selz tax rules in their help centre

What product information should I manage in Selz?
We strongly recommend managing your product information in Zettle. The exception is product categories, which are used on Selz to group products on your webshop and have to be managed in Selz. 

Also, if you have products which are digital or only sold online you can add them to the Selz product library instead. 

Note that Selz offers more product types tha Zettle, and only physical products are the ones synced with Zettle.

What product information should I manage in Zettle? 
We recommend managing all of the product information synced to Selz in Zettle. Product information that is synced to Selz from Zettle will overwrite any changes made in Selz once synced with Zettle again.

How do I add a product that I don’t want to sell through Zettle? 
If you have products that you want to sell only in Selz and not in Zettle, you can create the product in Selz and it will not be synced to Zettle. 

What happens if I add a new product in Selz? 
Adding a new product in Selz won’t add the product to Zettle, so we recommend adding new products in Zettle instead while using this integration.

What happens if I update a product in Selz? 
Any product updates made in Selz won’t update your Zettle store. This applies to all products, whether they were synced from Zettle or not. The change you made in Selz will also be overwritten the next time you update that specific product in Zettle.

What happens if I update a product in Zettle? 
Updating a product in Zettle will automatically update and overwrite the product in Selz.

I’ve updated my product in Zettle, when will I see the changes appear in Selz? 
Changes made in Zettle will update in Selz almost immediately. 

Some of my products haven’t appeared in my Selz library, what can I do? 
Find the product in Zettle and make a small edit (such as the name) and click “Save” to start the sync again, then check your Selz products to see if the product has appeared.

Managing inventory and sales

Can I disable syncing of inventory tracking? 
Yes, if you don’t track inventory on Zettle, the inventory will not be synced with Selz. 

If I sell oSelz, will the inventory be updated in Zettle? 
Yes. An order in Selz will update the inventory number in Zettle, too.

If I sell in Zettle, will the inventory be updated in Selz? 
Yes. A sale or refund in Zettle will update the inventory number in Selz, too.

What happens if I manually update the inventory in Selz/Zettle? 
If you update your inventory manually on Zettle, the update will also be reflected in Selz. Don’t update inventory manually on Selz, since it will be overwritten by the next product update in Zettle. 

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