Zettle Reader and connectivity

The Zettle Reader 2

Our most recent card reader

  • Connects to your device via Low Energy Bluetooth
  • Accepts chip and PIN, contactless (tap) payments, and mobile payments including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • For chip & PIN payments, and contactless payments above a certain amount, transactions are approved with the customer’s PIN or signature
  • Fast, stable and easy to use – contactless card payments and transactions under £30 are approved in seconds (amount may differ between market) 
  • Charges via USB cable (approximately 1‒2 hours). Compatible with Zettle Dock 2. 
  • Eight-hour battery life (100 transactions)

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Connecting the Zettle Reader via Bluetooth

To connect any Zettle card reader with your smartphone or tablet, open the Zettle Go-app and go to Settings > Card readers.

Now simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Good to know:
You need to pair the reader to a supported smartphone or tablet running the Zettle app to use it.

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What's new with the Zettle Reader?

A more welcoming reader
Now the Zettle Reader and Zettle Reader 2 will greet your customers the same way you do, with a friendly new welcome message!

When your Zettle Reader or Zettle Reader 2 is turned on and connected to your smartphone or tablet, a welcome message on the reader will greet your next customer.

When your customer is ready to complete their purchase using a card, the reader will show the amount and ask to tap or insert a card.

When the payment is complete, the friendly welcome message will return awaiting the next customer.

Compatible smartphones and tablets

The Zettle Reader can be used with a variety of iOS and Android devices. Please note that you’ll need to connect your card reader and device via Bluetooth first. Check if your device is compatible here, as well as whether you have the most up-to-date version of your smartphone/tablet software.

Important notice regarding use
Zettle supplies the card reader device for use by you or your business, as applicable, and you agree not to use the product for any re-sale purposes. You must not use the product for any purpose other than effecting payment transactions through your installed version of the Zettle mobile software application. You may not modify the software or the hardware of the product in any way, save to the extent permitted by mandatory law.

Handling and caring for your Reader

Keep the card reader in a cool, dry place (ideally, 22° C). Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the device’s exterior. Do not spray any type of liquid directly onto the device, and avoid exposure of any of its openings to moisture. Do not use solvents. Ensure that nothing enters your card reader through any openings, such as the card slots. Avoid causing shock or negligent handling of your card reader.

User Manuals

Find your reader below to download the manual.

The Zettle Reader 2:

The Zettle Reader:


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