Zettle hardware security

As well as providing easy-to-use payment solutions and hardware, we pride ourselves on our commitment to security.

We work to safeguard sensitive consumer data and help ensure that no customer card details are ever stored on Zettle card readers or in the Zettle POS app. 

All data traffic is encrypted; if your device or Zettle hardware would ever be lost or stolen, individual card details and funds remain inaccessible. 

Tips to help keep your Zettle hardware secure

Zettle card readers are secure PCI-certified devices, but each should be properly managed to avoid damage, tampering and unauthorised access.

To help keep your Zettle hardware safe, we recommend: 

  • Keep your card readers attended by staff members.
  • At the end of the day or when no staff are present, store your devices in a locked drawer or room with staff-only access.
  • Routinely inspect your devices for signs of tampering. If the buttons feel different, if the card slot looks or feels off, or if you suspect someone has replaced the device, reach out to our support team for instructions and a replacement.
  • If customers begin reporting unauthorised or fraudulent withdrawals, stop using the device and reach out to support.
  • Zettle never sends any personnel to inspect, repair or otherwise interact with your devices.

For more detailed info and guidance, you can consult the PCI Security Standards Council’s downloadable brochure

P2PE Instruction Manual

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