Zettle Terminal Printer & Dock

The Zettle Printer & Dock allows you to print receipts and charge your Terminal in one go!

You can connect the Terminal to your Printer & Dock Plug and carry them around for printing on the move or you can plug your Printer & Dock into an outlet and it’ll serve as a charging station.

Connecting your Terminal to the Printer & Dock 

To print receipts, your Terminal needs to be attached to the Printer & Dock.

How do I attach the Zettle Terminal?
Place the Zettle Terminal gently on top of the Printer & Dock and it will attach magnetically.

How do I remove the Zettle Terminal from the Printer & Dock?
Pull gently on the Zettle Terminal to remove it from the Printer & Dock.

Learn more about how to print receipts further below.

How do I know that the Printer & Dock is connected?
A printer icon in the Terminal status bar will indicate that it’s connected.

Loading the paper roll
If you run out of paper, you can reload your Printer & Dock in a few simple steps.

How do I load a new paper roll?

  1. Open the printer door located in the upper part of the Printer & Dock.
  2. Unroll your new printer paper slightly, place it in the cradle with the unwound paper facing upwards and the loose end facing out of the printer, away from the device.
  3. Ensure your paper follows the curve of the roll and is not bent. Close your printer door.
  4. Tear off the excess paper by pulling the receipt upwards, towards you.

Tip: If your receipts are not printing, you may have loaded the paper incorrectly and should try to reorient the roll. 

Where can I buy more paper rolls?
If you need to purchase additional printer paper you can do so from the Zettle Store.

If you wish to buy from your local office supplier, our printer requires thermal paper rolls with the following dimensions: 

  • 58mm width 
  • 30mm diameter

Printing receipts and reports

With the Terminal Printer & Dock, you can print receipts and end-of-day reports.

How do I set up the Printer & Dock so that I can print receipts?

  1. Open the Zettle app from the Home screen.
  2. Tap on Menu and then Settings.
  3. Tap on Receipt printers to see the available printers. If you don’t see the Terminal Printer & Dock then pull down to refresh the page.
  4. Tap Printer & Dock to connect and perform a test print.

How do I print receipts? 

  1. Complete the payment.
  2. Choose Print receipt in the receipt view. 

Tip: To add details to your receipts (such as your website, email address or tagline) you can learn how to customise them here.

How do I print reports? 

  1. Open the Zettle app from the Home screen.
  2. Tap on Menu and then Reports.
  3. Tap on the report you would like to print.
  4. In the upper right corner, tap on the printer icon and select Print.

Where do I find settings for receipts and reports?

  1. Open the Zettle app from the Home screen.
  2. Tap on Menu and then Settings.
  3. Tap on Receipt printers to see the available receipts and report settings.

From here you can also print a test receipt.

Tip: You can also text or email receipts to your customers from the checkout screen in your app. 

How do I know when the Terminal Printer & Dock is running out of paper?
When you see coloured stripes appear on your receipt, your printer is running out of paper. Load a new paper roll before printing your next receipt. 

Charging and battery level

Remember to keep your Printer & Dock charged so that you can carry it around while you work. 

How do I charge the Terminal Printer & Dock?

  1. Connect the provided USB-C cable to the Zettle Printer & Dock.
  2. Connect the cable to the USB power adapter provided and plug it in to your power outlet.
  3. A red light will indicate that the Printer & Dock is charging.
  4. When charging is complete, you will see a green light.

How can I see the battery level for the Terminal Printer & Dock?
When the Printer & Dock is attached to the Terminal, a printer icon in the Terminal status bar will indicate that the Terminal is charging and what battery level you have.

Mounting the Printer & Dock
To keep your Zettle Printer & Dock in place, you can mount it to your worktop.

How do I mount the Printer & Dock?
If you want to keep your printer in place, you can purchase a mount and then attach it through the screw hole on the bottom of your Printer & Dock.

Note: A mount is not included with the Zettle Terminal Printer & Dock and must be bought separately. 

Where can I buy a mount for my Zettle Terminal Printer & Dock?
The Zettle Terminal should fit standard camera mounts with a 1/4-20 screw, which can be purchased at most electronics retailers.

Troubleshooting your Printer & Dock

My receipts won’t print. What can I do? 

  • Make sure the Printer & Dock is charged. Connect the cable to the USB power adapter provided, plug it into your power outlet and then check if the light indicator is showing a red light, which means it’s charging. A printer charging icon in the Terminal status bar will also indicate that it’s charging properly.
  • Make sure the Printer & Dock and the Terminal are properly connected to each other, you should feel that they are magnetically attached. A printer icon in the Terminal status bar will also indicate that it’s connected properly.
  • Dirt can accumulate over time and prevent a charge. Gently clean the 6 small golden circles/pins on the back of the Terminal or on the Printer & Dock with a soft brush/cloth and alcohol. Do not use anything metallic to avoid damaging the circles/pins. 
  • Make sure the paper roll has been loaded correctly. 
  • Make sure the printer door is closed. 
  • Test print a receipt by opening the Zettle app and go to Menu -> Settings -> Receipt printers -> Terminal Printer & Dock and tap on Test receipt

If your issue is not resolved, our support team will be happy to assist you. 

My Printer & Dock won’t charge. What can I do?

  • Connect the cable to the USB power adapter provided, plug it into your power outlet and check if the light indicator is showing a red light, which means the device is charging. A printer charging icon in the Terminal status bar will also indicate that it’s charging properly. 
  • Unplug the power outlet and plug it in again. 
  • Make sure your cable or adapter don’t have any damage. 

If your issue is not resolved, our support team will be happy to assist you.

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