The Zettle Terminal built-in barcode scanner

Our Zettle Terminal comes in two versions, one with a built-in scanner and one without. If you use an external barcode scanner, please read our article about Accessories for more information. 

How do I use the built-in barcode scanner?

Press the lilac button on the right-hand side of your Terminal to activate the scanner. Aim the scanner at a barcode until it beeps and registers the product on screen.

If you have any issues with your barcode scanner, please contact our support team for further assistance.

What can I use the built-in barcode scanner for?
Your built-in barcode scanner is designed to help you work faster. Use it to: 

  • add products to your library 
  • speed up sales 
  • manage your product inventory in your Zettle app. 

The barcode scanner can read both EAN and QR codes.

Adding products to your library 

  • Scan products when you want to add them straight to your shopping cart.
  • Add a new product to your library by scanning the barcode and tapping OK, or go to your library, tap the pen icon -> plus icon and then scan the barcode.
  • Scan a product if you want to find it quickly in your library and edit its stock level, price or description.

Scan a product and make a sale 

Tip: Assign EAN or QR codes to products in your library, then simply scan the codes when you want to add them to your shopping cart. 

Manage inventory 

Scan to find a product

  • Simply scan a barcode to quickly find the product in your inventory list
  • In the list you can view and update stock quantities

Scan to update stock quantities

  • You can use the barcode scanner to update the stock of multiple products.
  • Go to Inventory and then tap Barcode scanner at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Scan a barcode and update the stock quantity. You can add to the current stock quantity by tapping + or set the total stock quantity by tapping =.
  • Tap ✔ and continue to update more products. Hit Save when you’re ready. 

Scan gift cards 

Selling gift cards with your Terminal

  • Tap Gift cards in your product library
  • Enter the value you want to load onto the card. 
  • Enter or scan a code: 
    - You can customise the code to whatever suits your business best 
    - Alternatively, scan the barcode or generate a random code to add to the card
  • Let your customer know the expiry date
  • Process the payment

Redeem gift cards

To redeem a gift card with your Terminal

  • Add the products to the cart as usual
  • Tap Charge
  • You’ll see a list of payment methods. Tap Gift card. If your customer wants to split the payment using a gift card and cash or card, you must enter the gift card as the first payment method
  • Enter or scan the code. The card’s expiry date and the remaining balance will be checked.
  • Let your customer know the remaining balance on the card.
  • Complete the payment (or continue with another payment method if the gift card balance does not cover the sale amount). You can use multiple gift cards in the same transaction.

You can read more about gift cards in the gift card FAQ

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