Accessories for your Zettle Terminal

We offer a range of printers and cash drawers to use with your Terminal.

Which printers are supported for Zettle Terminal?

Besides our Zettle Terminal Printer & Dock, you can use the following printer together with your Zettle Terminal: 

  • Star mC-Print 3 MCP-31LB
  • Star mC-Print 2 MCP-21LB

How do I connect an external printer to my Zettle Terminal?

  1. Make sure the Terminal and the printer are connected to the same network. 

    The Zettle Terminal only supports LAN/WLAN printers. It will not work with Bluetooth printers. Please see a list of supported printers below.

  2. Open the Zettle app, tap on the menu and then select Settings. Go to Receipt printers and select your printer (pull to refresh the page if you don’t see your printer). Now you can print a test receipt to make sure everything’s working properly.

For questions about the Zettle Printer & Dock, read the chapter about the Zettle Terminal Printer & Dock.

Which cash drawers are supported for Zettle Terminal?

Please note: you can only connect a cash drawer with your Terminal if you have one of the following printers:

  • Star mC-Print 3 MCP-31LB
  • Star mC-Print 2 MCP-21LB

Supported cash drawers:

We support cash drawers with the standard plug 24V and RJ-11.

  • Star CB-2002
  • Star CB-92II
  • APG Vasario

How do I connect a cash drawer?

  1. Connect the cash drawer cable to your LAN/WLAN printer.
  2. Open the Zettle app from your home screen and go to Settings. Go to Cash drawer and select the cash drawer you would like to open.
  3. The connected printer to the cash drawer must be the one set as the receipt printer. Zettle Printer & Dock should be set as Order ticket.

Note: You can't connect a cash drawer to the Zettle Printer & Dock. If you need a cash drawer, please buy one of our other LAN/WLAN printers, see list below.

Can I connect an external barcode scanner?
No, you can’t connect The Zettle Terminal to an external barcode scanner.

Can I connect my Terminal to Bluetooth devices? 
No, the Zettle Terminal does not support Bluetooth connection.

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