Product variant update

We are updating the way variants are displayed. This update will allow you to add multiple options to a product. You may have already added multiple options to your new products, and now you will be able to add options to your older products as well. 

A new way of organising products with variants

This update won’t delete any information that you’ve added to new products – it simply changes the look of your older products so that all your products now look the same. This update will make the product library easier to use and manage.

When the update is complete, your variants will be grouped under an option. We’ve named this option for you: “Option”. However, you can easily edit the name by clicking in the field and typing your name of choice.

Name your option according to your variants, ie size for “small” or color for “green".

With this update, you can add multiple variants to any product that has more than one option (such as size, colour and style). You can add up to three options per product, and the combination of options you choose results in a variant. A product can have up to 100 variants in total. Learn more about variants here.


  • You’re selling a T-shirt that has two options: Size and Colour 
  • The size option has three values: Small, Medium, Large 
  • The colour values are: Black and White

So, the resulting variants of this product would be: “T-shirt, Small, Black,” “T-shirt, Medium, Black,” and “T-shirt, Large, Black” as well as “T-shirt, Small, White,” “T-shirt, Medium, White,” and “T-shirt, Large, White.”

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