Planday and Zettle Pro

You can no longer purchase Zettle Pro for Hospitality, instead you can read about our new service Zettle Food & Drink here.

What is Planday?

Planday is a simple workforce management platform, packed full of useful features. With Planday, employees can communicate with each other, swap shifts and clock in and out, while managers can create smart schedule templates, approve absence requests and track hours worked. Planday drastically improves the employee experience, and managers get more control over wage costs, higher employee retention and improved staff engagement.

List of features

  • Simple scheduling
  • Schedule by job role
  • Schedule template and duplicate week
  • App for iOS and Android
  • Individual and group communication
  • Trade shifts with manager approval
  • Push notifications and email alerts
  • Phone, email and chat support
  • Overtime tracking and notifications
  • Revenue and labour cost tracking
  • Vacation management
  • Electronic signatures for contracts
  • Time tracking via the app and desktop
  • Payroll reporting

How does it work?

Once you’ve set up your Planday account and connected it to your Zettle Pro app, Planday will pass sales data from Zettle Pro each day. The data is updated every five minutes. Once you have a full day’s data, it will be shown on the schedule in Planday. Planday will then use your payroll costs to calculate what percentage of your business’ income is being used to pay employees.
With this information, you plan your scheduling more economically and boost your budget.

How much does it cost? 

  • An additional​ ​£4 per user per month
  • £1 per user per month for punch-clock functionality
  • Free setup

How do I connect it to my Zettle Pro app?

The integration works with all editions of Planday and Zettle Pro.
Planday must be set up to correspond with the locations in Zettle Pro. You can do this by following these instructions:
  • Create Revenue units in the Planday account
  • Go to the integrations page under “Settings” in your Planday account and add the Zettle Pro integration
  • Choose the Revenue Unit you want to map
  • Enter your Zettle Pro username and password
  • Add more sites, if applicable
  • Click “connect”
For more information, check out​ ​Planday’s Knowledge Base.

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