Prohibited segments

There are some things that you cannot sell through Zettle because they are either prohibited by the credit card networks or they violate the laws in the countries where Zettle provides service. In addition to this, there are also restrictions for 

We do our best to keep this list up to date. However, because legislation and card network rules may change quickly, this list may change quickly and without notice.

If you are unsure whether your business or activity is prohibited on Zettle, please contact us and we will help to clarify it for you.

ā€‹You can’t use Zettle to accept payments for products and services that:

(i) contain tobacco and are acquired through the Internet,

(ii) relate to pornography, including sex clubs, escort services, prostitution, magazines, videos or images with pornographic content and sex toys in cases where such products are the only products marketed,

(iii) relate to time-sharing,

(iv) are prescription drugs (unless the seller has all applicable authorisations for the supply of such drugs and such supply is made in accordance with applicable laws and regulations) or narcotics,

(v) relate to dating (including sex dating),

(vi) are weapons,

(vii) relate to gambling, betting, lotteries, bingo and other casino services (this does not apply to such gaming and lottery operations conducted in accordance with all applicable laws and authorised by all applicable regulatory authorities),

(viii) relate to so-called “anonymity services”,

(ix) relate to vouchers with a longer duration than 36 months,

(x) relate to virtual currency,

(xi) relates to erotic dance or comparable services,

(xii) constitute financial services, or

(xiii) are prohibited by law or, at Zettle’s sole discretion, are otherwise doubtful from a risk, complaint or reputational perspective.

Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

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