Managing your products for selling online

Learn more about general product management here.

Adapting products (from your POS app) for online sale

If you’ve been selling products face-to-face via your Zettle Go POS app, the items in your product library won’t have any descriptions yet. But if you want them to sell well online, you need to adapt them with some snappy text and beautiful photos. To do this, log in to and navigate to the ‘Products’ tab.

Click on the name to edit the product details.

Tip: To just update name or price, you can quickly edit the fields from the product list. Click on the edit icon to the right that appears when you hover over a product. Make a change and click the check to save.

Tip: Sort your products by tapping the image icon in the table header to list all products without images first.

When you write descriptions for each product try to include short but positive explanations of what the product is or what it does. Choose a few words that help your customers understand the unique selling points of each item. For example, instead of writing “White T-shirt”, you could say “White T-shirt in breathable cotton with flattering V-neck.”

Product variants

Our product variant feature is designed to suit the needs of online shoppers. You can add multiple variants to a product that comes in more than one option, such as size, colour and style. Learn more about product variants here.

If your product has more than 2 options, they will be shown as dropdowns to your customers when they visit your online store.

Product images

The best way to market your products online is by taking clear, brightly-lit pictures against an uncluttered background. The number of sales you make will be directly correlated to the quality of your photos you take, so make sure your products look good!

Accepted file formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG and GIF.
Maximum file size: 5 mb.

Add images to your product

  1. Click on ‘Upload image’ on your product page
  2. Drag and drop up to 25 images or upload from computer
  3. Click and drag to reorder your images. The first image will be used as a thumbnail for your product.
  4. Click ‘Save’

Add an image to your variants

You can add one image per variant. This image will be displayed when the variant is selected in your online store. Here’s how to add a variant image:

  1. Click the image icon on the variant row.
  2. Upload or choose an image from the product images.
  3. Click ‘Save’.

You can also add an image to multiple variants in one go by selecting the checkboxes of variants you want to add an image to. Then click the Action drop-down and select Edit image and choose the image you want to add.

How do I know which products are available for online sales?

Once you have activated Zettle E-commerce, you should go to and view all your products on the Products tab of the Products page. Your existing products will automatically sync from your Zettle account so that you can sell them online, but you can uncheck the tick for ‘Online Store’ in the product detail page if there are products you do not wish to sell online.


If you plan to use real-time calculated or weight-based shipping rates via Zettle E-commerce, the product weight is required for each product. If you would like to offer free shipping go ahead and tick the box next to “Free shipping”.


Help customers find your products more easily when they search online with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Add a page title, make sure it’s clear, and include words that you believe your customers would search for if they want to buy a product like yours.

Next, add a meta description. A meta description is a short and concise description of the product. Try to include keywords that your customers might search for, so instead of writing “T-shirt” try “Short-sleeved cotton T-shirt”.

Finally, add a custom URL for your product. Try to get the name of the product in your URL if you want customers to find it more easily.

Hit save to finish making your changes.

Do I have to use inventory tracking to sell products online?

We highly recommend that you track the inventory of all the products you want to sell online by checking the 'Inventory tracking' checkbox on each product. If you sell both online and in-store and DO NOT check the inventory tracking box, it may result in you selling things online that you don’t have in stock, so be careful!

You can also handle inventory from the inventory tab on the 'Products' page".

Categorising your online products

We have a handy way of sorting your products with categories and subcategories that will make it easier for customers to navigate your site.

Click ‘product categories’ in the left panel to get started. It is important to note here that your existing folders in your POS app will not be synced to any of your online products.

Click ‘New Category’ and give it a name, such as: ‘on sale’, ‘new products’, ‘clothing’ or ‘books’. Now you can organise your items by adding them to the different categories, you can add a cover photo for each category as well.

Then select which products to add into each category by ticking the box next to the product name.

Subcategories can also be added. So if you have “Summer Collection” as the parent category, the subcategories could be something like Dresses and Footwear etc.

You can add Categories to the top navigation on your store to create a useful menu. Read more about how to use product Categories on your online store with the store builder here.

Migrating products from another E-commerce platform?

Read more about how Zettle supports product imports from some other E-commerce platforms.

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