Using option groups with Zettle Pro

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Use options and option groups to help tailor your products; for example, to configure cooking options and additional extras.

Options can be non-chargeable modifiers (such as cooking instructions) or other chargeable products (such as side orders). For example, if you sell steak, you can create free options, such as “medium rare”, or chargeable options such as “with pepper sauce”. Option groups are used to group options together. Every option must be associated with at least one option group.

This section explains how to configure option groups using Backoffice or the app.

Note: if you want to associate more than one option with a product, use the app to configure option groups. The app lets you change the order in which options will appear. You cannot use Backoffice to configure the order.
Before you begin, first create your products (see the article in our FAQs about adding products, categories and departments). For more information about creating instructions (a type of non-chargeable option) and linking these to a product using option groups, see Instructions.  

Configuring option groups using the app

Creating a new option group

  1. Click Option groups. The Option Groups screen appears.
  2. Click Create new option group. The Option Group dialogue appears.
  3. Enter a group name.
  4. Click Set options. The Option Groups dialogue appears.
  5. Select options in the order in which they are to be presented (for example, in the case of steak, cooking instructions as a mandatory option, and fries as an optional side).
  6. Click Configure group options.
  7. Set the pricing and click Save.
  8. Set the number of required options.
  9. Toggle Charge for all items on or off.
  10. Click Save.

Adding an option group to a product

  1. Edit the product to which you want to add an option group.
  2. Select Product option groups. The Product Groups dialogue appears.
  3. Choose the option groups (a green tick appears against the ones you select).
  4. Click Save.

Sorting the order in which options appear
Using the app, you can change the order in which options are presented. For example, in the case of soup, you can first offer bread as an optional side, and then the type of bread such as “granary”.

  1. Click Sort groups. The Groups dialogue appears. This displays a list of options associated with the product.
  2. To change the order in which these appear, press and hold the icon to the right of an option and then drag and drop it into position.
  3. Return to Products Groups and click Save.

Configuring option groups using Backoffice

Creating a new option group

  1. From the left-hand menu, select Products > Option Groups. The Option Groups screen displays a list of the available option groups.
  2. Click Create Option Group. The Create Option Group screen appears.
  3. Enter a group name.
  4. To add options, click Add Product or Add Instruction and add these to the option group.
  5. Click Create Group.

Adding an option group to a product

  1. Navigate to the product you want to add an option group to and click Edit.
  2. Select the Option Groups tab.
  3. Click Use Existing Group.
  4. Search for the option group you want to add and click Use.

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