Collect customer email addresses

Stay in touch and create a following with 'Customers'

Creating relationships with your customers is one of the best ways to grow your business. That's why we've developed a free and easy way to stay in touch. Simply add your customer's email address after making a sale, and then easily export your list of email addresses using the 'Customers' tab on After that, you can use an email marketing service to send newsletters or special offers to your customers.

Who can enable Customers?

To enable the Customers function, you must have a business account with Zettle. If you have added Staff Accounts for your staff, they will also be able to sign customers up, but they can’t enable the Customers feature.

Get started with customers

How to enable Customers

  1. Go to
  2. Accept the terms and conditions
  3. Click to enable the feature


Ask customers to sign up

With your customer’s permission, their email address can be shared with you. After you have completed a sale, ask your customer if they would like to receive email newsletters from you. If they agree, make sure their email address has been added and switch on “Add customer”.

Next, your customer will receive an email asking them to confirm their email address. When they click “Confirm email”, their address will be added to your customer list. You can see your customer list and the number of outstanding invites on the 'Customers' tab of

Exporting your customer list

At any time, you can export your customer list by clicking “Export customer list”. Only customers who have confirmed their email address can be viewed and exported (not pending invites). The email address and the date it was added are included in the export. Import your list into an email marketing tool to send newsletters to your customers.

Data privacy

Remember that you are responsible for complying with applicable rules and regulations when using the Customer feature including, for example, marketing and data protection laws.

This also means  that you are responsible for providing your customers with a privacy policy detailing and explaining how you e.g. will process your customers’ personal data and their rights.

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