What you can't sell with Zettle

There are a few things you can’t sell with Zettle.

You can’t use Zettle to accept payments for products and services that:

(i) contain tobacco and have been acquired online
(ii) are pornography-related, including sex clubs, escort services, magazines, videos or images with pornographic content
(iii) pertain to so-called “time shares”
(iv) are prescription-only types of medication that are sold at a distance (in those cases where the seller has not been granted permission to sell such types of medication in accordance with applicable laws and regulations) or narcotics
(v) pertain to dating (including sex dating)
(vi) are weapons
(vii) pertain to games, gambling, lotteries, bingo and other casino services (excluding those types that have a permission from the Gambling Commission)
(viii) pertain to so-called anonymity services
(ix) are forbidden by law or are in other regards questionable from a risk, complaint or repute perspective.
Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

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