Configuring your account information with Zettle Food & Drink

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This article contains information about the new Zettle Food & Drink app. If you are looking for information about Zettle Pro for Hospitality click here.

This article explains how to subscribe to Zettle Food & Drink, and how to display and update your account settings. It shows how to display your billing history, and how to configure settings such as the rollover hour.

Displaying account settings

  1. In Backoffice, choose Account & settings from the left-hand menu. 
  2. Choose Account. The Account screen appears.

Configuring account details

You can display and update your business details, including information about the business owner, the business address, web site and company registration number.

Displaying and updating account details 

Details of the account owner are shown in the Account screen. 

  1. To update account details, click Edit, and enter the details.
  2. Click Save to save your changes. 

Configuring business locations

You can display and update business site details, including the addresses of different business sites.

Displaying and updating locations 

Details of locations are shown in the Site Addresses screen. 

  1. Choose Locations from the Profile menu (click the drop-down arrow next to your profile in the top right of the screen). The Site Addresses screen appears. 
  2. To update site details, click Edit, and enter the details
  3. Click Save to save your changes. 

Displaying billing information

Your billing information is shown in the Subscriptions screen. What you see depends on whether you are currently in trial mode or if you’ve subscribed to Zettle Food & Drink. 

  • Choose Subscribe/manage from the Profile menu. The Subscriptions screen appears.
  • If you’re currently in trial mode, you can activate your account here: 
    • Choose Subscription
    • Click Activate your account
    • In Card details, enter the card number, expiry date, and the name on the card that you want to use to pay for your Zettle account. 
    • In Billing address, enter your billing address. 
    • Click Activate your account. The Subscriptions screen shows the number of licenses and what’s included in your plan.
  • If you’ve subscribed, use the menu options to display information about your account, billing and shipping addresses, payment methods, and billing history. 

Configuring the appearance of receipts

You can display and update the appearance of your receipts, including your company logo. 

Logos must be in png or jpeg format because all of our receipt printers print in black and white, so images must be optimised for this mode.

Displaying and updating receipts 

The appearance of receipts is shown in the Receipt screen. 

  1. Choose Receipt from the Profile menu. The Receipt screen appears. 
  2. To update the appearance of the receipt, click Change logo, and upload the logo you want to appear on the receipt. 
  3. Click Save to save your changes.

Configuring settings

This topic explains how to display and update settings including your rollover hour. Some settings are locked down, depending on the language selected, or cannot be changed using Backoffice

Displaying and updating settings 

Your settings are shown in the Settings screen. 

  • Choose Settings from the Profile menu. The Settings screen appears. 
  • To update settings, click Edit, and enter the details. The following setting can be changed:

    • Rollover hour – this determines the working day. For example, if your business is a café, your working day may be 9am til 6pm, whereas a nightclub may be 9pm til 4am. The rollover hour is when work ends, so the nightclub would set this up at 4am, the café at 6pm. 
  • Click Save to save your changes. 

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