Configuring employee access and permissions with Zettle Food & Drink

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This article contains information about the new Zettle Food & Drink app. If you are looking for information about Zettle Pro for Hospitality click here.

This article explains how to configure access to the POS app for employees, and configure permissions depending on an employee’s role. 

There’s no limit to the number of employees who can use your account, and you can restrict access to certain functions by assigning employees different roles: Manager, Supervisor or Staff. For example, you can configure employee permissions so only supervisors can perform a refund or record wastage. 

By default, a “manager” is created with the password “1234” (you can change the name and password later). Managers have full permissions in the POS, enabling access to all functions. By default, staff and supervisors can do everything except change application settings and record wastage; however, you can change this.

Configuring employee access

You use Backoffice to configure employee access to the POS. 

Note: You can also configure employee access using the POS app; however, we recommend that you do this using Backoffice

  • Log into Backoffice and choose Employee management. The Employee management screen appears.

Adding a new employee as a user

  1. Click Create Employee. The Create Employee dialog box appears.
  2. Enter the name of the employee that will appear on the iPad.
  3. Enter the 1-8 digit password they’ll use to log in.
  4. Assign them a role: Manager, Supervisor or Staff.
  5. Click Save. The employee can now log in and use the POS app.

Updating an employee

  1. In the Employee management screen, click Edit against the employee. The Edit Employee dialog box appears.
  2. After making your changes, click Save.

Removing an employee from the system

  1. In the Employee management screen, make the user inactive.
  2. Select the user and click Delete.
  3. Confirm the deletion. The employee is deleted and can no longer log in and use the POS app.

Configuring employee permissions

You use the POS app to configure employee permissions. Any changes you make are stored locally on the terminal. 

  • Log into the POS and choose Settings > Employees. The Employees screen appears listing current users and their role.

Note: Although you can configure employee access (such as creating a new user) using the POS, we recommend that you do this using Backoffice

Configuring permissions for supervisors and staff

  1. Choose Set up access restrictions. The Set up access restrictions screen appears showing a list of the functions that supervisors and staff can perform (remember managers can perform all functions).
  2. Configure permissions for Supervisors and Staff. For example, you may want to restrict access so only supervisors can record wastage or perform refunds.

Your changes are saved automatically when you exit the Set up access restrictions screen. 

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