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This article contains information about the new Zettle Food & Drink app. If you are looking for information about Zettle Pro for Hospitality click here.

Welcome to Zettle Food & Drink, an iPad and cloud-based electronic point of sale (EPOS) solution designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Zettle Food & Drink takes the hassle out of organising your workspace, taking payments and understanding your sales, so you can focus on what’s really important – your customers.

This article is for business owners and explains how to get started quickly with Zettle Food & Drink. It describes the steps required to set up and configure your system, and where to find more information. 

See our other guides and FAQs for further help on using Zettle Food & Drink’s features, including:

  • Zettle Food & Drink Setup Guide – a guide to setting up your system so you can begin trading
  • Zettle Food & Drink User Guide – a guide to using the POS app
  • FAQs – information about specific tasks or features

Setting up your system

With our simple setup guide, you’ll quickly master the basics of Zettle Food & Drink and be trading from your iPad in no time. See the Zettle Food & Drink Setup Guide for:

  • An introduction to the POS app you’ll use for day-to-day trading
  • An introduction to Backoffice where you’ll display information about your business, manage the products you sell, and the employees who can access the POS app
  • How to log into Backoffice

You’ll also find information in our FAQs about the different types of printers and hardware that you can use with Zettle Food & Drink.

Setting up your product list quickly

Before you can begin trading using Zettle Food & Drink, you need to set up the products that you intend to sell. Before you begin populating your product list, you first need to understand how our simple product hierarchy works and the relationship between categories and products.

See the Zettle Food & Drink Setup Guide for information about the product hierarchy, and how to use our handy template to upload your existing product list in bulk into Zettle Food & Drink’s Backoffice. Use this process for initial product setup only; to later add or edit products, you’ll use Backoffice. You’ll also find more information in the FAQs.

Displaying your products on the POS app

After uploading your products into Backoffice, they appear in the POS app. This happens automatically due to the synchronisation that occurs between Backoffice and the POS app. For more information about displaying products, see the Zettle Food & Drink Setup Guide and the FAQs.

Tailoring your products and setup

Once you’ve set up your products, you can start processing sales transactions. However, for most businesses, this setup is too simplistic and you’ll want to set up additional features. For example:

See the Zettle Food & Drink Setup Guide for information about how to:

  • Edit your products using Backoffice
  • Configure portions to control the available size and price of a product
  • Use product modifiers and groups of modifiers to tailor products easily for customers
  • Organize the layout of the buttons in your POS app

See our FAQs for information about specific tasks, such as how to:

  • Configure access to the POS app for employees
  • Use the reporting functions to see your sales data, transactions and till activity
  • Display and update your account settings

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