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This article contains information about the new Zettle Food & Drink app. If you are looking for information about Zettle Pro for Hospitality click here.

This article explains how to configure product modifiers and groups of modifiers using Backoffice.

Modifiers allow you to easily tailor products for customers, such as the type of milk they want in their coffee. 

Modifiers are grouped together in “modifier groups” to allow for quick and easy ordering. For example, the modifier group “milks” may include the following modifiers: skimmed, semi-skimmed, almond and soy.

Using modifier groups allows you to keep your product list to a minimum as there’s no need to present staff with a long list of the same product featuring slight variations.

For example, instead of: latte skimmed | latte semi-skimmed | latte soy | latte almond, you simply add latte and offer the choice of milks in a modifier group. Presenting staff with a smaller list of products from which to choose not only keeps the POS tidy making it easier to select products, it also reduces the chance of errors creeping into orders. 

Before you begin

Before you can set up a modifier group, you must have created at least 2 products. This is because modifier groups are composed of existing products that you pull into the modifier group. 

For example, you want to create an option group called “Milks” containing different milk options (skimmed, semi-skimmed, almond and soy). Before you can create this option group, you need to have added the different milks as products. For more information about creating products, see the Products FAQ.

Creating a modifier group

To create a modifier group:

  1. In Backoffice, choose Products > Modifier groups. The Modifier groups screen appears showing a list of current modifiers. 
  2. Click Create modifier group. The Create a Modifier group screen appears. 
  3. In Modifier group name, give your modifier group an intuitive name; for example, “Milks”.
  4. To add a product to your modifier group:
    • In Modifier group products, click Add product. The Add product dialog box appears listing your current products. Select products to include in your modifier group, such as “almond milk” and “soy milk”.
    • Optionally, you can vary the price of your chargeable modifiers here without affecting the price of your original product. For example, a portion of fries normally costs £2, but you can set it to only £1 when fries are ordered as a side option. Similarly, you can add an optional take out price. 
    • In Products using modifier group, click Attach group to products to assign products to this modifier group. The Add product dialog box appears. Choose the products - for example, assign Cappuccino and Latte to the modifier group “milks”.
  5. By default, the modifier group is active and available on the POS, but you can set it to inactive here. 
  6. To save your changes, click Save

Displaying modifier groups on the POS app

After you’ve set up modifiers and modifier groups using Backoffice, you can see these displayed in the POS app. 

To see a modifier group on the POS app:

  1. Log into the POS app on the iPad.
  2. Select a product that’s been assigned a modifier group. A pop-up appears in which you can select a modifier.

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