Repeat Payments


Please note: at the moment, the Repeat Payment (beta) feature works with a Zettle Reader and on our iOS app only

What is a Repeat Payment?

If you’d like to accept payments for one fixed amount repeatedly, you can use the Repeat Payments feature whenever you need it.

Designed for ease and speed, customers simply tap their card against your Zettle Reader and one pre-specified amount will be withdrawn from their account. There’s no need to enter the amount each time and customers can pay with contactless cards, wearable tech or chip & PIN.

Who uses Repeat Payments?

This feature is ideally suited to businesses that need to accept payments quickly from large numbers of people, for example charity donations or street musicians.

How do I get access to Repeat Payments?

If you’d like to be notified when this feature is released, contact us and request access to Repeat Payments.

How do I activate the repeat function?

At the moment, the Repeat Payment feature works with a Zettle Reader and our iOS app only.

  • To be able use the feature, you need to be running the latest version of the Zettle iOS app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Your card reader must be up to date, so make sure you have the latest Zettle Reader software.How to update your card reader
  • To start taking repeat payments with your card reader, you lastly need to activate the feature in the app. You will find the feature in “Settings” > “Payment settings” / “Card”.

How do I start receiving Repeat Payments?

  • Add the “product” you want to accept payment for into the shopping basket on your Zettle app (for example a product named “donation”) or simply enter an amount.
  • Tap “Repeat pay” as your payment method
  • Now the card reader is ready to take a card payment. The customer can either tap their card or insert it into the card reader. When the payment is done the card reader will instantly become ready for another payment


Good to know:

  • Make sure your card reader is connected to a charger or power bank and that you have a stable internet connection
  • Set your phone to “Do not disturb” mode so calls don’t interrupt repeat payments
  • You will not be able to add loyalty customers while using the feature


Will my customers get a receipt?

  • If you have a printer connected you can choose to manually print the receipt after each payment or to print it automatically as soon as a payment has been completed. To activate automatic printing of the receipt, go to the “Settings” > “Printers” and enable receipts in the Zettle Go app.
  • If you don’t have a printer connected you will not be able to send a receipt in the transaction process. But you can always “pause” the feature and go to “Settings” > “Receipts” to print, text or email a previous receipt to your customer.
  • You can search for the specific transaction by entering the four last digits on the card being used.

How do I pause Repeat Payments?
You can pause or stop the feature at any time by tapping “cancel”.

How do refunds work with Repeat Payments?
Refunds are done just as normal from the app.

Can I deactivate Repeat Payments?
You can deactivate the function at any time in “Settings” > “Payment settings” / “Card”.

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