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This article contains information about the new Zettle Food & Drink app. If you are looking for information about Zettle Pro for Hospitality click here.

This article explains how to organize the layout of the buttons in your POS app. You do this using the POS app, rather than Backoffice

Zettle Food & Drink automatically creates a default button layout, based on your product categories. However, for efficiency and ease of use, you can change this layout. 

If you have more than one POS (terminal), you can assign a different layout to each of your terminals. For example, the terminal in the bar can have a different layout to the terminal in the restaurant.

Displaying the current layout

To display the default layout, log into the POS app. The current button layout appears. By default, category buttons appear at the foot of the screen.

Creating a new layout

You can create a new layout to better suit your business needs. For example, you may create a new layout called “top sellers” that places the most popular products within easy reach. Or, if your business has a small, targeted range of products that can all fit on a single screen, you can create a single screen containing the layout without the need for any category buttons.

Where you have more than one terminal, each terminal automatically uses the default layout. However, you can assign a different layout to each of your terminals. For example, Terminal 1 located in the bar is configured to use a custom layout, while Terminal 2 in the restaurant retains the default layout.

To create a button layout

  1. Select Settings > Button layouts. The Button layouts screen appears.
  2. To create a new layout, choose Create new layout. The Create layout dialog box appears.
  3. Tap Layout name and give your layout a name, such as “top sellers”.
  4. Tap Button colour and select a colour from the list.
  5. Tap Configure button layout. The layout screen appears. 
  6. Tap Add Product to display your product list. Select the products you want to add to this layout.
  7. To add portions, tap Add portion.
  8. To add spacers, tap Add Spacer
  9. To remove an item from the layout, tap it and then tap Remove This Item.
  10. Drag and drop product buttons, portions and spacers into their new position, or delete buttons by tapping on them.

Tip! On a standard iPad, 42 buttons are available on the POS app’s screen. For efficiency, we recommend you place your portions at the top of the screen.

  1. When you’ve completed the layout, tap Save.

Note: If you later rename or delete a category in Backoffice (using Products > Categories), your changes are not reflected automatically in your button layouts.

To manage the buttons that open each layout

Use this process to manage the buttons that open each of your button layouts. These buttons appear at the foot of the screen. For example, you may want to position the button associated with your “top sellers” layout first in the display.

  1. Select Settings > Button layouts. The Button layouts screen appears.
  2. Tap Manage the order of layout buttons.
  3. To move a button, tap and hold it, then drag and drop it into position. 
  4. When you’ve finished positioning your buttons, tap Save.

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